Facebook to Purchase Photography App “Instagram” for $1 Billion


Why do you use Facebook? To stalk your friends? To tell the world about what you had for breakfast? A large part of this social media is the posting and sharing of pictures and Facebook knows this. This is why they recently bought Instagram, an app for smartphone users that allows them to take pictures of every day life and customize them with filters and other effects. This deal is worth $1 billion making this Facebook’s biggest purchase to date, a big move for the popular company.

Is spending a billion really that bold for Facebook though? There are currently 500,000,000 active Facebooks online, that’s 1 in every 13 people ON THE EARTH, so it seems they can do no wrong. There is also a plan in motion for Facebook to go public which will gain millions more for the company. This makes now a good time for such a good purchase.

Facebook has bought out app companies in the past, but none as popular as the two year old, 30 million user strong Instagram. It’s cult like followers are already voicing opinions about the take-over, saying that this will change the program in a negative way. Facebook has certainly ended programs before, buying them and shutting down the operations to collect the workers. Such a trendy app associating itself with something as mainstream as Facebook has also been called selling out, I personally know multiple ex Instagram users that have decided to move on to the next thing now that it has been bought out. These users have nothing to worry about however, because all parties involved have promised to keep the app the way it is, an independent feature.

Apps on the go are an increasing market these days with everyone and their mother having some sort of smart phone. I can’t go to a restaurant without seeing at least four people on a tiny version of Facebook or Twitter. Their increasing popularity is something that companies have yet to truly take advantage of and with this deal Facebook is finally addressing this weakness.

It seems that Facebook truly is taking over these days. There are very few people that I know that don’t have one, and with all of the features it offers, what else are you going to do when you’re bored at work or in class? It has expanded to include artistic apps like Instagram as well as mindless games like Words with Friends or Farmville. These all started out as small companies with few employees and now they are part of a worldwide phenomenon and richer than they thought possible. With each new deal, Facebook becomes more and more appealing to the 21st century citizen and more and more useful to professionals in any sector of business. You’d think that people would get annoyed with all of the ads littering their news feed or all of the business pages asking for their friendship. This company is still going strong however and the deal to go public will probably increase this popularity, however they have a lot to lose if it doesn’t.



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